Response post due (Tues., 1.31.17 by noon)

Please take in the following article and videos and then address the questions:


Address the following questions and respond in the reply/respond section at the bottom:post-9-6-inside-out-20110527cakestorymeeting04-1024x683

  1. What do you find most interesting or intriguing about Woody Allen? Explain why.
  2. After watching the videos on story, character and dialogue –       offer two to three points you feel are most worthy in understanding the “power of story” or the “importance of character.” Defend your answers.




18 thoughts on “Response post due (Tues., 1.31.17 by noon)

  1. 1. What do you find most interesting or intriguing about Woody Allen? Explain why.
    The most fascinating thing about Woody Allen to me is how many films he has released, and how quickly he moves on to a new project after one is completed. If I were a filmmaker or if I had some other kind of job involving creative projects, I would need to take breaks in between each one. Woody Allen’s drive and determination is fascinating to me. I wish I had that much motivation.
    2. After watching the videos on story, character and dialogue – offer two to three points you feel are most worthy in understanding the “power of story” or the “importance of character.” Defend your answers.
    One thing that Andrew Stanton said that I have heard many other times is to start with what you know. When writing a story, whether for a screenplay or novel or something else, write from inspiration that you have experienced, even if you end up changing a bunch of the details and facts. I think that one important aspect of stories is that they can help the audience understand emotions and experiences that they have never had. And it’s more effective if the creator of the story has had those experiences so that he or she can share them in a real way.
    I also think that John Truby really hit the nail on the head with his explanation of character. It’s not just about the character getting what they want or getting to the end of the journey, but dealing with the internal problem/ weakness that they wanted to ignore at the beginning of the story. When characters deal with that internal weakness, it allows them to develop. This helps audience members to relate to the characters and recognize the weaknesses within themselves.


  2. 1. From what I read and watched, I find his use of characters to be interesting. The first thing I usually pay attention in a movie is the setting. That opening shot that lets me see what is going on; however, from the snippet of Midnight In Paris shown, Woody Allen turns the tables. He forces the viewer to not be distracted by sets, and lights, and other things and simply focus on his character and who they are. It is clear that he believes that characters make or break a story and it is interesting he crafts the plot from them. His use of realistic characters breaks from the cookie cutter lead style that we are used to seeing from Hollywood and allows us to see something different and interesting.

    2. I think that a above all else, story definitely cannot become static. If it becomes static it is dead and there is little point to watching a movie where everything is flat. In order to keep a story from going flat there are so many things that can be used but the most effective is the use of characters. I agree with the videos on these two views because when it comes down to it, a movie has character and plot and without those two things it becomes boring or unwatchable. In order to combat this, effective filmmakers focus on their story and their characters. They make them interesting in some way or relatable in order to keep boredom at bay and allow viewers to enjoy themselves.

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  3. 1. I found it extremely fascinating that Woody Allen has released a film a year since 1967, and he doesn’t seem to be stopping even though he is now 80 years old. The fact that he has started on one project after another with no break is inspiring. He definitely has a strong work ethic.

    2. I think it is very important that the character and the plot go hand-in-hand. if one of them lacks interest, then it’s almost guaranteed that the viewers will lose interest. Character development is also something that all viewers can relate to, because we all grow from past experiences and we all change our ways at some point. I also like how Andrew Stanton talked about writing what you know. It doesn’t matter if you change names or even exaggerate a few things. Writing what you have experienced can help you create a film that everyone can relate to.

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  4. 1) What I find most intriguing about Woody Allen is his take on filmmaking. I admit I never knew much about him before this, I really had only have heard of his name. But I love his different take on Romantic Comedies and films in general. Instead of making your typical, boy meets girl, they fall in love, have a falling out, then make up and live happily ever after; Allen makes it more realistic. He makes the leading man more relatable as well, like in Annie Hall, he plays the leading man knowing full well that he is not nor does he look like the typical leading man. It’s interesting to see this new take on an old genre, it gives the underdogs hope while also showing that sometimes life and romance doesn’t always go your way.

    2) I think it’s important to first of all establish a connection with the audience and the characters. To make the characters relate somehow to the audience. Even if it’s a story like Finding Nemo with talking animals. The audience could in someway connect to the characters. Dad’s or soon-to be dad’s could connect with Marlin when he wants to be a good father to his children and always protect Nemo. Children/teenagers could connect to Nemo who just wanted some freedom and wanted his dad to understand. While others could connect to Dory, who is just a little forgetful but always means well. It is really important for the story and the characters to establish that connection with the audience. The story also has to keep the audience interested. TV shows like the Walking Dead or The 100 do well because they are unpredictable. They kill off a beloved character but then add another one in his/her place. No audience wants to watch a story where they can predict everything that is going to happen. Keep the audience interested so that they want to continue watching.

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    1. Love your quote here: “it gives the underdogs hope while also showing that sometimes life and romance doesn’t always go your way..” So true.

      From Finding Nemo to Walking Dead … now that is varied 🙂
      Yeah -the concept of finding connection to characters (live action or animated) can be the key to a successful film from an audience’s perspective


  5. 1. What intrigued me most about Woody Allen when reading about him was his journey to becoming a filmmaker. In the article it says that after studying filmmaking at New York University he fell back on comic writing. What shocked me the most was by the time he was 20 he already had 20,000 of his jokes published. I think this is an extremely unique way in which he developed as a filmmaker. After watching the video on Allen you can completely see that he completely redefines the typical “rom-com.” He takes the handsome man out of the equation and replaces the man with a normal average “Woody Allen” type of guy. I think this adds humor to his movies in its own unique way. Back to his comedy writing, he also saw how comedy could affect an audience. He took this and began performing stand up six nights a week at a small comedy club in New York. This is unreal to me because it also says he wasn’t interested in much of a social life in high school. He wasn’t interested in a social life but he knew exactly how to capture his audience and make them laugh. He didn’t make them laugh in a typical way but in a sarcastic unique way and that is what is so intriguing to me. He made his comedy realistic and show that even in a rom-com, the man sometimes doesn’t regain the girl at the end. I absolutely love comedies and rom-coms so it was amazing to me to see how his creativity is used as he produces a new movie almost every year!

    2. When watching the video of Andrew Stanton talking about “The Clues to a Great Story,” he talked about several different projects in which effective storytelling qualities were shown. I really was interested when he was talking about his theory of storytelling actually without dialogue. He explained his concept of the “Unifying Theory of Two Plus Two.” This meaning that the point is for the audience itself to put things together. He explained that the audience actually does want to work for their meal but they don’t want to know they are working for their meal. We are natural born problem solvers and it is just the nature of what we do. He says a quote that I thought was interesting by William Arthur, “Drama is anticipation mingled with uncertainty.” The power of the story is in anticipating what is going to happen next. I thought this was interesting after studying Woody Allen because typically Woody Allen reveals a lot of his characters within the first 5 minutes of his film, but I think this is so effective because it lets the plot develop around the characters and that sense of anticipation is now built on whether or not the weakness of the character will be solved in the plot. This brings me to my second point of developing a character. When watching John Truby talk he discussed the attempts of writers developing a character by adding multiple superficial elements to that character. Two things build effective character: Weakness of the character, and the actual goal of the character. Two simple things that can make the plot effective just from the character stand point. My third point is developing a story with actual dialogue. Karl Iglesias discusses this in the first minute of his interview. He talks about the function of dialogue advancing the plot. He also talks about revealing the character by what the character is actually saying and how they say it, which reveals a lot about their personality and point of view. Woody Allen does this in the beginning of most of his movies where you already know several things about the protagonist before you even know the plot, which really helps reiterate my point that the plot is built upon developing the character.

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    1. Allen’s connection to real people and awkward social interactions I think are mirrors of his own insecurities and feelings (past, present and future).

      This is spot on when referring to Allen: “sense of anticipation is now built on whether or not the weakness of the character will be solved in the plot. ‘ Excellent observation. Wonderful thoughts on John & Karl as well. Pulling all those together can truly help in evaluating character in films .


  6. 1. The main thing that interested me was Woody Allen’s childhood and how he didn’t let that cloud his imagination. Growing in that time period for a young Jewish boy was emotional hard so the fact that he put it all behind him and stayed positive is very impressive. Another thing I found interesting was that he never watched his films after submitting the final cut. I watch movies that I enjoy at least 20-30 times, if I enjoy them I am going to keep watching them. But he never watched his pieces once he was done, he also never felt they were full finished either. This is somewhat understandable because I feel that most artist never feel their work is complete.
    2. In one of the videos it discusses how the audience only focuses on two things when it comes to the main character: their weakness and their goal. The weakness in a main character would be their personal problem. The goal would be what they are trying to accomplish throughout the movie. Normally in movies by trying to get to their goal during the movie, helps them work on their weakness, without them truly seeing it. I agree with this statement because sometimes you don’t realize the character is really working on themselves throughout the film. Also, sometimes it is vice versa and you can tell they are working on it but the character cannot.

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  7. What do you find most interesting or intriguing about Woody Allen? Explain why. To me the most intresting thing about Woody Allen, is that he has made so many films and he does not seem to be slowing down. I also think that its pretty awesome that he did stand up comedy. it shows not only how dedicated he was to his films but, how much experience and knowledge he had becasue he already knew what his audience liked.
    2. Character development is most important to me. I think it is very importnant for the audience to be able to connect the the roles in the films. This would be “Importance of character”. The plot of the story goes right along with the character, just like I discussed in class, I think it is important for the plot to be just as important as the character.


  8. 1. To me, the most interesting thing about Woody Allen is how he wrote comedy for some big names like Sid Caesar and wrote for Bob Hope. This proves that Allen is a very creative writer and can actually write a good story and can tell some funny jokes that will get you invested and entertained by the entire story.

    2. I believe that the importance of the character is most important. In the documentary about how to introduce a character, you must introduce them in a way, where we will connect with that person, and how their introduction matches their character without it being entirely forced. for example, in the movie I watched ‘Take the Money and Run’ you’re introduced to the main character with a background of his entire childhood. That is actually a lot of info to give on just one person, but they are able to manage it well. Also, the power of the story can leave a good impact on the audience as well. All it needs is a good plot, and has to be well written with some characters we can relate to.

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  9. Woody Allen
    1. I like how Allen instead making the movies end in a happy ending movie it changes it to what happens in reality and that not everything ends with a happy ending.
    2. I think the importance character should be the background, in order to know where he or she is from and their past, their goals in which they hope to attain by the end of the film, and the type of personality that separates them from the rest.


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