Alfonso Cuarón  – Evaluation Assignment

zz0421078bWatch one of the following Alfonso Cuarón films using this aw-filmmakers-evaluation-rubric and evaluation guidelines. This evaluation should be turned in by Wednesday, Feb. 22 at noon.

Make sure you examine the Alfonso Cuarón trademarks as well:

  • Dark muted colors tending towards greys to reflect the darkness (or pending gravity_keyartdarkness of a storyline).
  • Wide camera shots to establish or set up scenes.
  • At times heavy use of hand-held camera shots. These shots can sometimes induce motion sickness.
  • Use of long continuous (seemingly without edits) camera shots taking the audience through the scene with a singular perspective.
  • Works with Emmanuel Lubezkias his director of photography.
  • Works with brother and son (both filmmakers).
  • Close up shots of main character leads to foreshadowing events later in films.
  • Main character(s) in focus while other background characters are slightly out of focus (to provide emphasis).
  • Characters voices are many times heard off camera.
  • Cuarón has a penchant for framing shots through windows or doorframes.
  • Will also use reflections, and glass to create interesting visuals and shots.
  • His interesting combination of musical score and sound design are fluid, and listeners sometimes cannot tell where one begins and the other ends. Sometimes this causes anxiety and may feel disjointed, and confusing for the viewers/listener.
  • Works to create empathy for characters.
  • Characters are thrown into life threatening (or life altering) situations.
  • His shooting style has been known to put the audience into the middle of the action, making the audience feel what the character feels. cuaron2


Film options:

  • Sólo Con Tu Pareja
  • A Little Princess
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Children of Men
  • Gravity

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