Jenifer Lawrence Response Post (due April 4, noon)

After reading the Jennifer Lawrence biography and watching the following interview, answer any two of the following questions (due April 4, noon):1serena

  1. What do you find interesting about J-Law’s success?
  2. What is most interesting to you about the varied roles she plays?
  3. Do you have a favorite Jennifer Lawrence character? Who and why?
  4. Why is Jennifer so driven to succeed?
  5. What did you find of particular interest from the interview?
  6. Compare J-Law to another filmmaker we’ve studied this semester. Examine similarities.

15 thoughts on “Jenifer Lawrence Response Post (due April 4, noon)

  1. Rachel Gann
    2. Jennifer Lawrence has played many characters throughout the years and even though they all have significant differences between each other one thing I think they all have in common is they are all strong. Katniss from The Hunger Games is very different from Aurora in Passengers but they are both strong women. Neither give up easily and I think that is similar to Lawrence. In the biography it is said that she never considered that she wouldn’t be an actress and I think her determination is adapted to fit her charaters. So that even though they are in different stories, worlds, etc. they are all strong women who don’t give up and won’t just accept whatever someone else is telling them without asking questions or pursuing other options.

    3. I definitely think my favorite character is Katniss Everdeen. I think we see alot of Lawrence in that role because Katniss is very much like her. Lawrence is honest and isn’t afraid to say or show how she feels and that is the same with Katniss. Katniss very clearly shows her hatred for President Snow, the hunger games and the capitol. Not only that but she is also very confused during her first interview with Cesar Flickerman and I think in that particular scene she is most like Lawrence because she doesn’t act like she knows what she’s doing or what she is supposed to say. Lawrence is much the same way in her own interviews and isn’t shy when it comes to speaking about how she feels. While Lawrence plays many other characters if I have to pick a favorite it has to be Katniss.

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  2. Mallory Moore

    4. Why is Jennifer so driven to succeed?
    The biography said that she never really considered alternative career paths and the thought that she might fail never really crossed her mind. This makes me think that she has a very positive outlook on life, and it’s easier to be driven when you are positive. If she doesn’t think she can possible fail, and she knows she has success to look forward to, she will be more driven towards that success.

    5. What did you find of particular interest from the interview?

    I personally thought it was funny when she said that she hates the word “craft.” I would say that acting is a craft and an art form, but I agree that “craft” gets overused and it can be annoying to hear people talk about “my craft” all the time.
    I also thought it was interesting that she seemed so serious and mellow in this interview, since the biography said that she is usually awkward and fun in interviews. I think it shows that Jennifer Lawrence is really good at adapting to different situations and knows when to let loose and when to act a bit more strict.

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  3. Haley Walker

    4. Why is Jennifer so driven to succeed?
    In the biography, she says that she never considered any other career path. She never had second thoughts about acting or that maybe she wouldn’t make it in Hollywood. I can tell that she was very driven to make her dreams come true and for me, that speaks volumes. You cannot knock a motivated person down.

    3. Do you have a favorite Lawrence character? Why?

    I really enjoyed Lawrence in The Hunger Games. Sometimes it’s hard for a movie to live up to a book’s expectations, but she played Katniss Everdeen so well. I think for me, this was when I really saw the talent that Lawrence had as an actress.

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  4. 2. What is most interesting to you about the varied roles she plays?

    I find it interesting how she plays the same role in almost every movie like for example Katniss from Hunger Games and Aurora from Passengers are almost like the same person. They’re both brave, they’re both the heroes of the movie, etc.

    3. I like Katniss from the Hunger Games because she is a very interesting character. She is a strong, noble woman who almost doesn’t let anybody deter her away from the task at hand.

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  5. Kate Lamar:
    1. With Jennifer Lawrence, the scariest part of her job is the “gamble”. With all the different movies, you never know which one is the correct one to do. Her whole career is about the movies that she does, and how she feels about them as she is getting ready to play the part, or if she is going to give the movie up. With her reading the scripts, some pop out to her and she knows she is going to do them, and others are taking longer for her to like the script.
    3. One of my favorite characters is from the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen. The reason i picked this one is from the first movie portraying the type of character she is. Her little sister got picked to go play the game, but instead she took her spot. She is always that big protective sister, and at each movie they show some scenes where she is coming back to her and checking on her!

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  6. 2. Personally I think she wants to prove everyone wrong and she is able to play multiple roles. After she made the Hunger Games movies, I felt people doubting her being able to bust out of that type of role. So now she is doing everything in her power to show people that she can play any role she wants to play. Not only take the role but completely succeed at it as well.

    3. My favorite character of hers would be Mystique in X-men because she is powerful but still shows her emotion. She makes you feel the pain that Mystique feels but she also makes you want to have the ability to conform into anyone. Even when she goes to the dark side of X-men you can’t truly be mad at her because you understand that no one really understands her.

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  7. Do you have a favorite Jennifer Lawrence character? Who and why?
    I actually surprisingly loved Jennifer Lawrence’s character in the movie Joy. I actually thought the film was a little odd and dull in some aspects but I thought she played the part of Joy in such a powerful way that reflected her own personality in a way. In unfortunate circumstances this character, Joy, overcomes adversity to create a new revolutionary mop that would change her life. I really do truly believe that this does reflect her personality because it shows her strength and her independent personality.

    Why is Jennifer so driven to succeed?
    After reading her bio it is clear why Jennifer Lawrence is so driven to succeed. From a young age she NEVER doubted herself. Her parents didn’t let her act until after high school, which I thought, was unusual but this drove her to graduate high school early. She also said that she basically never doubted herself in her acting. She knew the entire time that she was going to be an actor. She never had a back up plan because she was that driven. I think this shows the drive and determination she has internally which is so inspiring to me.
    -Kacy O’Connor

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  8. 1. What I find most interesting about Jennifer Lawrence’s success is how she was able to pursue her acting career after graduating high school two years early. For most people, that’s pretty rare, but it was obvious she was passionate about this, and she was only allowed to act in church plays. And almost all of her characters are the same, a strong and independent young woman who loves to fight for what she believes in.

    3. My favorite Jennifer Lawrence character would be a tie between Katniss from Hunger Games and Raven/Mystique from X-Men. I chose Katniss because she’s a strong and brave young girl who likes to hunt but is against the Hunger Games. And when her sister is selected for the Hunger Games, she volunteers to take her place. That would take someone a tremendous amount of courage to do, because in the Hunger Games, you’re likely not to come back alive. And I chose Raven/Mystique from X-Men because she was a shy and mysterious girl who was just trying to find food to avoid starving. That is until Charles Xavier found her and made her like his sister. However she’s still wrapped in mystery, because throughout the movie she’s thinking to herself, “Do I like being a mutant? Or do I want to become human?” It’s pretty hard to know what you want to do, and if you’re happy with who you are. And Raven is a good example of that.

    -Will Braunlich

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  9. Sthefany Flores
    1. I find her drive admirable. I can’t believe that she never thought that she would fail, which to me would be a constant possibility floating in my head. The fact that she was so driven to start on her goal that she graduated early to achieve it is unbelievable. She has learned so much in so little time and she has showed that she also has the raw talent to push her forward.
    3. I have only seen Jennifer Lawrence in her roles as Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games) and as Mystique (X-Men). Although I have a limited exposure to her roles I really like her in the Hunger Games. I feel that in the first movie she did a good job in expressing the feeling of anxiety her character was undergoing. The scene where she ran forward and volunteered as tribute was exactly how I pictured it when I read the book and I loved that about it. However, when I get the time, I would love to see her in other roles to see a more diverse side of her.


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