Morgan Freeman Response Post (due March 28)

morgan_freeman_demille_hfpa_2012bImagine being 50 years old before you were really taken serious in your profession. Consider knowing at an early age that you were called to do something, only to find that your path towards financial stability and success can be one filled with potholes, twisted roots, and a myriad of stumbling blocks. Well, Oscar winner Morgan Freeman understands that all too well.

This Tennessee native has worked his way through bit parts in children’s television, soap operas, and danced and sang in live theatre before eventually fighting his way into mainstream (and critically-acclaimed) roles. His journey in film has followed five decades of filmmaking and over 70 films, and this actor has become one of Hollywood’s most respected talents, and he has earned each role (no matter how big or small). His voice is one of the most recognizable and sought after in the entertainment business today, and just think, if he had followed the early career path of an Air Force fighter pilot, we may have never heard it.

Read the extended biography of Morgan Freeman here and watch the short documentary on the same page.

In this extended interview with Morgan Freeman, he explores race, life, challenges, his career, and why Hollywood’s focus is on the almighty dollar.



BODH GAYA, INDIA – Morgan Freeman speaking with His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa at Bodh Gaya.

(photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Seth Nejame)

Response Post: After viewing the videos and reading the documentary, address two of the following questions by 6pm on Tuesday, March 28.


  1. Why did it take so long for Hollywood to notice the talent of Morgan Freeman? Explain.
  2. What life lessons can you learn from Morgan Freeman’s approach to life? Explain.
  3. Other than the fact that it took Freeman so many years to break into the business (successfully), what fascinated you the most about him? Why?
  4. Compare similarities (in detail) of Morgan Freeman to another filmmaker we’ve explored.e3e05e00d810790533467890ef829d81
  5. Freeman has explored issues of race, age, and misconceptions in his life and in his films – based on his interview, what fascinated you the most about his responses to those questions?

20 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman Response Post (due March 28)

  1. Rachel Gann

    2. I love that Freeman isn’t bitter about his late start into the world of acting. So many people are bitter or dwell on their late success but he just accepts when his came and enjoys it. I think this is an important lesson that everyone needs to learn. Don’t be so bitter and angry about the past that you ignore the present. Even though Freeman had a late start and wasn’t successful for years he is grateful that he even became successful at all. He doesn’t dwell on what did or did not happen he instead is grateful and happy with what is happening now.

    3. Besides the fact that it took Freeman so long to break into the industry and become a “house hold name”, what is fascinating to me is that he at first wanted to become a pilot. I don’t think I could ever see him as a pilot in the Air Force. I smiled when I read that he did eventually get his pilot’s license. I don’t know why this interests me, I guess because he is known so well now as an actor and he is so good that its hard to imagine that he wanted to do something other than act.

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  2. Mallory Moore

    2. What life lessons can you learn from Morgan Freeman’s approach to life? Explain.

    One thing that stuck with me from the interview was what Freeman said about artists always doing what they do. He said that even if you have to be a waiter all your life, if you’re a writer, you go home at night and write, and the same goes for painters and other types of artists. This seemed interesting, especially considering what he said about Hollywood being focused on money and making more money to make more films. I think that a life lesson you can take away from that is to always do what you love, even if it isn’t a job you get paid for.

    3. Other than the fact that it took Freeman so many years to break into the business (successfully), what fascinated you the most about him? Why?

    I thought it was really interesting that Freeman is not a method actor, and he seemed to have a pretty negative and skeptical view of method acting. Since I read the Morgan Freeman materials after the Daniel Day Lewis ones, it made me wonder how Freeman would have approached roles that Day Lewis had to do so much preparation for, especially My Left Foot. When I saw the clips from that film, I knew that Day Lewis had to do a lot of work to get that right. That’s just not the kind of role that you wake up and know how to do, especially with all the specific body postures and movements. Maybe Freeman’s roles have been a lot more similar to his own personality, so he doesn’t feel the need to do that much preparation.

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  3. Haley Walker
    2. What life lessons can you learn from Morgan Freeman’s approach to life? Explain.

    I love that he didn’t stop acting even though it took so long to get in the limelight. I think it takes motivation, patience and a strong will to continue something even after discouraging news.

    3. Other than the fact that it took Freeman so many years to break into the business (successfully), what fascinated you the most about him? Why?

    I love that he has a voice that’s immediately recognizable to the majority of the audience. His voice is smooth, deep and it makes for a great narrator voice. I love that even if he doesn’t act in a movie, his voice is often used as the narration.

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  4. Sthefany Flores

    1. I believe that it took him a while to break through because he didn’t go into the field right away. He was in the armed forces which caused his delay until he had an epiphany that he was in love with the idea and not the reality of his career. Although his realization in the plane, where the camera was missing, took a while, there is still the issue of breaking through. He said that you could have talent but it was about other people noticing and sometimes getting through to people is rough.

    2. I feel like there are many lessons to be learned from Morgan Freeman. Most of all, not to despair. I find it admirable that although he was not able to break through to film in his early years, he became irreplaceable later. This would not have been possible if he had given up. Another thing that I could learn from him is his view of the world. He is not jaded by any means. In his interview he says that he wants to “try it all.” He wants to experience all types of genres and try his hand in anything that comes across. He can also see the positives even when he is not in a good place which is an incredible quality.

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  5. 2. What life lessons can you learn from Morgan Freeman’s approach to life? Explain.

    I think the life lessons to be learned from Morgan Freeman’s approach to life is that, life isn’t going to be handed to you on a silver platter. You have to work really hard to do what you desire to be in life even if it takes you twenty years to get there. Just like it took Morgan Freeman till the age of fifty years old to get recognized and have a chance to act on the big screen. He kept on working for it and took small acting jobs like taking a small role on the 70’s kids show, “The Electric Company”. Another thing I learned from Freeman’s approach is that you got to trust in God to make it through life which Freeman pointed out in one of the videos. Prayer does work. Morgan Freeman’s acting career is a perfect example of that.

    3. Other than the fact that it took Freeman so many years to break into the business (successfully), what fascinated you the most about him? Why?

    I was fascinated by the fact that although he was really into acting and was offered a scholarship by an acting college, he had an even bigger passion for flying and he chose the military. Morgan Freeman, one of the best actors of all time, almost didn’t take an acting career. However, as it said in the article and documentary, it wasn’t all he expected, and he didn’t like the fact of shooting and killing people so he left and went back to acting.

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  6. 2. You can earn many things from Morgan Freeman, but mainly not giving up on your dream. He knew what he wanted in life and didn’t let anything stop him. He went two years without a job but still held on to his dreams. “A painter with paint, a writer will write and an actor will act,” when Morgan said this in the interview it really came full circle. When you want to something and have a drive, no one will stop you if you stay focused.

    3. The one thing that fascinates me about Morgan Freeman how he wants all different roles. It gives him the opportunity to be all different people. Another thing is he doesn’t think too much into the role, he just reads the script and acts. With Daniel Day Lewis he goes deep into the role so they are complete opposites. I like both sides of this because some roles you need to just read the script but others you need to give your whole heart in.

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  7. What life lessons can you learn from Morgan Freeman’s approach to life? Explain.
    The biggest life lesson I personally take from Morgan Freeman is to keep going… He didn’t gain success until he was 50! That is insane to me. Personally I want to be successful quick but I know that’s not how life works. He worked hard for his success and waited patiently for his big break. One of the quotes I love that he said was “You are not in love with this, you are in love with the idea of this.” He was talking about his love for the idea of being a fighter pilot. Once he joined and realized he wasn’t even assigned to the air and he didn’t like the idea of actually shooting people down he moved to Hollywood. He was in love with this idea but realistically knew he was just in love with this idea. I think a lot of times when we think of what we want to do with our lives, the idea of doing certain things really is appealing but when it actually comes to aligning our strengths and our passions, sometimes we aren’t fully committed and in love with the idea.

    Freeman has explored issues of race, age, and misconceptions in his life and in his films – based on his interview, what fascinated you the most about his responses to those questions?
    When asked the questions about race in the interview and when Morgan Freeman was talking about Sidney Portier he was so passionate about how much he looked up to him and the barriers he broke with race and acting. People constantly said it wasn’t possible to break these barriers but Sidney Portier did that and inspired Morgan Freeman to not give up on achieving success in film.
    -Kacy O’Connor

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  8. Kate Lamar:
    2. When you are getting a script, you learn everything right then and there. It is all written out for you, by the preparation. With learning about this, I think some things are right there in front of you, buy also, you have to learn the ins and outs. Some might be easier for other people, and some things might be harder for others. For him being an actor, he is so brilliant, and he normally just goes over the script, while others might spend ours on it, and try to get into the true full character.
    5. One thing that fascinated me, was he looked up to “Sydney P.” He was a black actor, at time that he was the only one. He was like, “Im here, this is what I’m doing”. He doesn’t mind the term African American, but he doesn’t like to be called it. There was a tie when they had to start open casting. Hollywood learned that this is going to be reality. “Hollywood is color blind, it only sees green”. I think with this it doesn’t matter with race, it only sees who can put money in Hollywood, and who succeeds.

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  9. tyra long

    2. the one thing I can learn from Freeman is exactly what he said, “success comes when it comes”. I think everyone can take this and apply it there life wether you want to be famous or not. We tend to try and rush success and money and joy. We also compare ourselves others and I think Morgan Freeman is an example that everyone’s time is different.

    1. I think it took so long for people to notice Freeman’s talent because of the type of films being made at the time. In my opinion, he is such a talented actor that there were so many roles that were almost beneath him in anyway. His voice is so powerful I think people were simply not ready for greatness!

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    1. I’ve always loved his voice -it is so iconic in a ton of films. He’s one of those that if I every wrote a book and had it turned into an audio book -he’d be the narrator. 🙂


  10. 2. The one life lesson I can learn from Morgan Freeman, is that ‘success comes when it comes’. Which, to me, means that success will come to those who work for it. Some think that being successful is all about showing up and just waiting for it to happen. However, Morgan has a much different approach. He believes that if you work for success, than anything is possible for you. I learned that while I was at my first college, and it was said about me in my tribute from graduation. The fact that I keep working until I find a way that works. I can compare that to Morgan Freeman, we both keep working until we reach our goals.

    4. I would compare Morgan Freeman to Meryl Streep. I say this, is because Morgan Freeman is just a talented actor that he makes any role work for him. Whether it would be in a drama like Glory, or a successful comic book franchise like The Dark Knight trilogy, or even in a comedy like The LEGO Movie. Meryl Streep also makes every role she’s in work. When you’re in acting, the main thing is to get into character. And both Streep and Freeman got into their characters perfectly.

    -Will Braunlich

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