Final Presentation Schedule (April 20)

The following is the order for the Final Presentation schedule on April 20. We will plan to meet in the a3215225-7f2b-4afd-803c-0a3b3276f9a23rd floor classroom in Tucker Student Center (where we met earlier in the semester). This rubric should guide you and let you know our grading distribution for this project: final-presentation-rubric

We will attempt to knock out all presentations on April 20, but we won’t push it either.

If you have questions as you prep -please let me know.

  1. Taylor Lillard – Walt Disney4dece0f1d9167-image
  2. TJ Wilkerson – Tom Hanks
  3. Will Braunlich – Stephen Spielberg
  4. Rachel Gann – Robin Williams
  5. Tyra Long – Denzel Washington
  6. Kacy O’Connor – Judd Apatow
  7. Kate Lamar – Leonardo DiCaprio
  8. Sthefany Flores – Hayao Miyazaki
  9. Haley Walker – Emma Stone
  10. Mallory Moore – Stanley Kubrick










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