Course Description/Objectives:

  • This hybrid class will explore a variety of award-winning films and filmmakers denzel-halle-oscarsthrough the lens of some of the industry’s greatest filmmakers. From Charlie Chaplin, to James Cameron, to Woody Allen to Ron Howard –this course will explore (through select films) the impact of storytelling, art direction, camera techniques, composing, and acting on the impact on cinema. Through lectures, the viewing of films, in-class dialogue, student-research, external readings, online postings, and written projects – we will discover the impact of these filmmakers on the film viewing public and critics who recognize the work. Through this course, students will also get a closer look at why the film industry vies for award-winning recognition each year, and why it is important for film-viewing consumers to understand the power of film awards-season.
  • This class also hopes to give students a better understanding on how to evaluate ap650879671927award-winning filmmakers, and how to compare and contrast award-caliber selections.
  • The course has three main components each week – evaluation lab, online dialogue, and in-class dialogue seminar. Students will individually view select films that represent award-winning filmmakers, and conduct regular dialogue, outside reading, research and evaluation.


  • Class Expectations: Students must attend at least 75% of classes to receive credit for argo_2the course (you may miss no more than 3 classes). Students are expected to be in class at the scheduled time each week. Students must complete all written assignments, projects, and online dialogue at the scheduled times. Failure to do so will reflect on student’s grade (You will lose -10 points for each day late * the next day one minute after the deadline). All work that is turned in must be your own. You cannot afford to take unethical shortcuts in this class. You are also responsible to check the Award-winning filmmakers website and your Gardner-Webb email each week for course updates, course readings, course assignments, and/or course links.


  • Format of written assignments: Unless otherwise specified, all assignments must be posted on a personal wordpress blog for this class. The nature of the assignment will dictate word count and format requirements.

·       Grading Scale:


A+ = 100 – 97

A = 93-96

A- = 92 – 90


B+ = 89 – 87

B = 86 – 83

B – = 82 – 80


C+ = 79 – 77

C = 76 – 73

C- = 72 -70


D+ = 69 – 67

D = 66 – 63

D – = 62 – 60

F = 60 – 0



Text Requirements: There is no required textbook, but there is an optional text by Steven 2016-critics-choice-awards-winners-intext4Jay Schneider – “501 Movie Directors: A Comprehensive Guide to the Greatest Filmmakers.” You will need to have access to Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Youtube, Redbox, or some other outlet for viewing film assignments. You will also have required postings on specified website or blog. You will be supplied a link to the class page during the second class.


Grade Evaluations: There will be at least ten (10) short evaluation papers on select films 1280_donald_glover_criticschoice_629198742from featured filmmakers (usually weekly), a final paper (or directed project) on a select filmmaker, and required online postings and dialogue (usually weekly), and a final presentation or final exam.


  • Papers/Homework Assignments = 40% of final grade
  • Final Project & Final Exam/Presentation = 30% of final grade
  • Online Postings/In-class Participation = 30% of final grade


Incompletes: Incompletes will only be given with a written agreement between the student and the instructor. These will only be given in extraordinary circumstances.


Extra Credit: Options are available for extra credit upon approval. I will share some of these options upon request. * For each extra credit assignment turned in, up to 10 points can be added to your lowest grade.2016-critics-choice-awards-winners-intext11


Communication: You may contact me by the listed phone numbers or email address should you have questions or concerns. I will make every effort to respond to you within 24 hours (at the latest). If you do not hear from me, assume I did not get your message.


Evacuation: If the building is evacuated we will meet as a class in a designated area identified during class.ct-photos-critics-choice-awards-20160117


GWU Writing Center, Craig 108 – (704) 406-4393 – The Writing Center is a resource for all students, regardless of major or level of study. Writing Center consultants are fellow students who have a solid grasp of the English language and enjoy assisting others. They will help you with developing and revising your ideas as well as polishing your final draft.  You can make an appointment for a consultation or walk in to see if there’s an available consultant.  Visit the Writing Center website each semester for important information, like hours of operation. The Writing Center is located in Tucker Student Center, Room 237.

Learning Assistance Program – – (704) 406 -4390 – 

The Learning 6207732232523036_gettyimages-505428692Enrichment and Assistance Program offers peer tutoring services supporting academic work in undergraduate courses.  If you find yourself struggling in a class, you can request a peer tutor.  Once a peer tutor request is made, LEAP finds a peer tutor who has been successful in the course requested.  This tutor is authorized to provide up to two hours of additional peer tutoring support each week.  This service should be reserved for students who are earnestly trying, but somehow not performing at an acceptable level.  Peer tutoring cannot be used as a replacement for missed class time, as peer tutor relationships are semester-long commitments.  To request a peer tutor, please complete the Peer Tutor Request Form located on the LEAP website.

The Broadcast Television Journalists Association Second Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Show

The NOEL Program for Students with Disabilities provides support services to deaf, blind, learning disabled, and other students with documented disabilities. The Noel Center for Disability Resources is located in Frank Nanney Hall and is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  The center may be contacted at 704-406-4270(v), 866-298-0119(vp), or via email at


*Class schedule including projected assignment dates, project dates, holidays and topics for discussion will be made available during the 2nd meeting of class


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