Final Presentation Schedule (April 20)

The following is the order for the Final Presentation schedule on April 20. We will plan to meet in the a3215225-7f2b-4afd-803c-0a3b3276f9a23rd floor classroom in Tucker Student Center (where we met earlier in the semester). This rubric should guide you and let you know our grading distribution for this project: final-presentation-rubric

We will attempt to knock out all presentations on April 20, but we won’t push it either.

If you have questions as you prep -please let me know.

  1. Taylor Lillard – Walt Disney4dece0f1d9167-image
  2. TJ Wilkerson – Tom Hanks
  3. Will Braunlich – Stephen Spielberg
  4. Rachel Gann – Robin Williams
  5. Tyra Long – Denzel Washington
  6. Kacy O’Connor – Judd Apatow
  7. Kate Lamar – Leonardo DiCaprio
  8. Sthefany Flores – Hayao Miyazaki
  9. Haley Walker – Emma Stone
  10. Mallory Moore – Stanley Kubrick










Award Winning Filmmakers Final Project Presentation (guidelines)


  • Length – 15-20 minutesmovies-and-films-directed-by-spike-lee-u5
  • Visual Aids – Optional – you may use powerpoint, Prezi, Keynote, Slidedog, etc. or short film clips or soundbytes, toys, photos, handouts, music clips, etc.
  • Notes – Don’t read your presentation –speak from notes. Remember –you are the expert, and you’re sharing that knowledge with us.
  • Top Five – Provide a list of five “must see” films from your filmmaker, and be able to explain why they’re the top five (if asked).


What to include

  • Bio – Provide background on hometown, family life, educational experience, early Alfred Hitchcockinterests.
  • Entertainment Industry – How did they break into the film world? Are they involved in any other type of entertainment business? What was the first big break into the Biz? How were they trained in the biz (formal education, on the job training)?
  • Film Genres – Is the filmmaker drawn to certain types of films (animation, action, comedy, drama, etc.)?
  • Trademarks – What trademarks or reoccurring elements have you seen with your filmmaker? Specialties? Role types? Themes? Message focus? Actors, actresses, directors or cinematographers they may work with regularly? Reoccurring sound design elements, music styles or visual elements? Any particular character conflicts show up in most films?
  • Awards – What are some of the awards the filmmaker has achieved? Mention key (or landmark) films or types of roles? If it is several awards, mention number and identify 1st major award and film.197938b88254d1bda43c8117bc9a4e96
  • Present and future – What is the filmmaker currently working on, or planning to work on? Is there a new movie from the filmmaker currently in theatres? If so mention this and address if it is a success or failure (financial and critical).
  • Film Highlights – Since you have viewed three films from the selected filmmaker now you should be able to offer insights on what you’ve gained from viewing the filmmaker in action (if you haven’t already addressed this). Think about the stylistic and technical approaches to filmmaking, the things that stand out the most about the performances and productions, things you learned from watching the action critically instead of for pure enjoyment, things that grabbed your attention on film that reading about it on paper didn’t, etc. You’re not being asked to recap each film – just highlight your findings about the experience you gained from watching the filmmaker in action. Anything surprise you about the research and applied evaluations?
  • Five Things: Name three to five great things (or even trivia) that everyone should know about your filmmaker (if you haven’t already).
  • Q&A – You should provide a time for questions and answers either during your presentation or at the end (your choice).octavia-spencer-book-series


Peer/Audience Responsibility

  • Engagement – Everyone in the class should be engaged and should ask at least 2-3 questions of someone else each night.
  • Reviews & Assessments – You will be asked to provide a peer review and assessment of each film expert. I’ll provide guidelines.

Clint Eastwood Response Post (4.18.17 noon deadline)

william-munny_clint-eastwood_unforgivenClint Eastwood has lived a pretty crazy life on film and television. He’s been a gunslinger, gangster, dirty cop, crusty old boxing trainer, and war-time soldier. He’s acted, written, produced and even directed Oscar-winners. After nearly six decades in the business, he shows no signs of slowing down. In 2016, Eastwood directed the critically acclaimed “Sully”.

Read the Clint Eastwood biography here (and watch the mini-documentary on that page as well), then watch the interviews below.

Clint Eastwood talks to Parkinson about his switch between acting and directing, and what drives him to make films. Free video clip from the popular British talk show ‘Parkinson’.

The legendary (and neighborly) Clint Eastwood dropped by to chat with Ellen today. He told Ellen what keeps him making incredible movies year after year, then shared his work rescuing animals.

Address two of the following questions and post by noon on April 18:

un frisson dans la nuit play misty for me 1971 real clint eastwood clint eastwood jessica walter COLLECTION CHRISTOPHEL
  1. After more than 60 years in the business, what are some of the things you can learn from Eastwood about perseverance?
  2. What interests you the most about his varied career? Explain.
  3. Compare Eastwood’s path and life to another filmmaker with similarities.
  4. How does Eastwood manage the balance between directing, producing and acting?
  5. After watching the interviews, share your thoughts on his personality.
  6. Eastwood has been an audience and a critic fave for his work ethic, and yet many times he will actually shoot rehearsals (and put those takes in a final cut of the film), and he provides a certain amount of freedom for his cast. How do the two of these find balance in filmmaking for Eastwood?eastwoodmagnumforce

Clint Eastwood Films for Consideration

You may select any of the following Clint Eastwood films for evaluation using the guidelines we’ve put in place this semester.hqdefault

A Fistful of Dollars (1964) – actor

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) – actor

Where Eagles Dare (1968) – actor

Kelly’s Heroes (1970) – actor

Play Misty for Me (1971) – actor and director

Dirty Harry (1971) – actorEastwood35_6

The Eiger Sanction (1975) – actor

Escape from Alcatraz (1979) – actor

Pale Rider (1985) – actor and director

Heartbreak Ridge (1986) –actor and director

The Dead Pool (1988) – actorclint-eastwood-3

White Hunter Black Heart (1990) –actor and director

Unforgiven (1992) –actor and director

In the Line of Fire (1993) -actor

A Perfect World (1993) –actor and director

The Bridges of Madison County (1995) –actor and directorimage

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997) – Director

Space Cowboys (2000) –actor and director

Blood Work (2002) –actor and director

Mystic River (2003) – Director

Million Dollar Baby (2004) –actor and director

Flags of Our Fathers (2006) – Directorunforgiven-clint-eastwood-morgan-freeman

Letters from Iwo Jima (2006) – Director

Changeling (2008) – Director

Gran Torino (2008) –actor and director

Invictus (2009) – Director

Edgar(2011) – Director

Trouble with the Curve (2012) – Actor and Director

Jersey Boys (2014) – DirectorEastwood35_1

American Sniper (2014) – Director

Sully (2016) – Director























Jodie Foster Films for Consideration

You may select any of the following Jodie Foster films for evaluation using the 268757a3ef9bf997fb7dee6f55fc8504guidelines we’ve put in place this semester.

Taxi Driver (1976)

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976)

Carny (1980)

The Accused (1988)

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Little Man Tate (1991) – director too

Sommersby (1993)young-jodie-foster-in-white-shorts-and-hat-photo-u1

Nell (1994)

Contact  (1997)

Anna and the King (1999)

Panic Room (2002)

Flightplan (2005)

Inside Man (2006)

The Brave One (2007)

Nim’s Island (2008)jodie_foster

The Beaver (2011) – director too

Elysium  (2013)

Money Monster (2016) – director only



















Jodie Foster: Genius from Birth – Response due April 4 (6pm)

jodie_foster2Jodie Foster grew up in the entertainment business getting her first taste of stardom at 3 years old. TV commercials, magazine ads, television shows and Oscar-winning films have taken this child prodigy throughout roles of time, space, history and into the arms of serial killers. The Ivy League scholar, Foster has acted, directed and produced films for audiences of all types, but she’s drawn to films that speak truth and ask questions of life.

Check out more about the multi-Oscar winner and Lifetime Achievement in Film honoree Jodie Foster here. You should also read this interview with Foster from Interview Magazine (Feb., 2016).

In this interview from 2005, Foster explores being birthed into the entertainment biz, life in the spotlight, women in the film industry, and what true success looks like.

After reading the biography (reading the magazine interview), and watching the interview with Foster, address two of the following questions by April 4 (6pm):150217123236-62-oscar-best-actress-restricted-super-169

  1. What do you feel has been Foster’s secret to success? Why?
  2. What do you find most fascinating about this person who has worked her whole life in the business (other than the fact the she’s worked her whole life in the film business)?
  3. What life lesson (or lessons) have you gained from exploring her life story?
  4. What do you feel has been the most significant experience (or role) for Foster? Jodie-Foster-Net-Worth1Why?
  5. Compare Foster with another filmmaker we’ve explored and share similarities.
  6. Based on her interviews, do you feel that Foster is more comfortable behind or in front of the camera these days? Explain.

Jennifer Lawrence Films for Consideration

You may select any of the following Jennifer Lawrence films for evaluation using the guidelines we’ve put in place this semester.file_548035_wintersbonereview

Winter’s Bone (2010)

The Beaver (2011)

X-Men: First Class  (2011)

The Hunger Games (2012)

Silver Linings Playbook  (2012)jennifer-lawrence-saves-her-latest-oscar-hopeful-movie-joy-from-being-a-total-disaster

House at the End of the Street (2012)

American Hustle (2013)

Serena (2014)

Joy (2015)

Passengers (2016)